About Us

Photo by: Lindsey Nawrocki

Chef Mark McNamara, his wife Jennifer, and their four children at the Bliss & Vinegar Opening.

Since 2002, Chef Mark McNamara and his family have owned and operated, Marco New American Bistro in Forest Hills, MI. With a loyal following and a love for the area, when restaurant space adjacent to Marco became available in 2015, Bliss & Vinegar was born.

Determined to offer guests a healthier quick-service option, Mark and his wife, Jennifer, created a casual restaurant where you could get a flavorful salad, delicious wrap, or hearty quinoa bowl any day of the week. Fast forward to Spring of 2019: Bliss is thrilled to opening its 2nd location in Grand Rapids Downtown Market. In addition to featuring our same menu at the Forest Hills location, at the Downtown Market we’ll also feature fresh produce in our marketplace with fun kitchen gadgets and more! At Bliss & Vinegar our goal is to help you eat healthier and live healthier. We partner with many local fitness and nutritional professionals to provide tips and educational opportunities to accomplish just that. Follow Jen HERE and sign up to our monthly newsletter where we highlight the latest Bliss offerings and feature info on nutrition and exercise tips, recipes, upcoming events and more.

BLISS & VINEGAR came from a desire to eat fresh, healthier food that wasn’t boring and bland but interesting and delicious. We’re full of it!