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Bliss Salad Challenge!

September 6, 2016 · by mark mcnamara · No Comments

If you’d like to eat healthier and want some inspiration –  join us for our Bliss 21 Salads Challenge!

Bliss Salad Challenge

This time of year always makes me eager for change. With Labor Day now behind us and a new fall schedule in place (the kids are back in school – hallelujah!) I’m ready to get my health back on track.

Our focus here is healthy eating. With the help of Live Unprocessed, owner Shannon Sadoski and I have created the Bliss & Vinegar 21 Salads Challenge.  Join us!

Wishing you Bliss~
– Jennifer (& Mark) McNamara
(Bliss & Vinegar Owners)

The BLISS SALAD CHALLENGE is a SIMPLE practice to help you form healthier eating habits.  All you need to do is EAT 21 SALADS (raw greens + veggies + fruits) over the course of 21 days. That’s it!

To feel better, form healthier eating habits, have more energy & possibly lose some weight.  You name it.  “I really regret eating healthy today,” said no one EVER!  😉

We LOVE salads and studies prove that nutrient-rich plant foods contribute to overall good health.  Greens and vegetables contain fiber and live enzymes that assist with digestion and powerful antioxidants which protect the body and boost your immunity. They’re packed with anti-inflammatory / anti-cancer compounds. What else?  Energy levels increase, skin becomes clearer and one may experience possible weight loss. BONUS: Once you start one healthy habit others typically follow.

Over the next 21 days we’ll share different salad recipes via our Bliss & Vinegar Facebook (like us!) and Instagram (follow us @blissvinegar) pages to inspire you to eat healthier.

Eat salad and form a healthy habit!  Be creative or use one of our recipes. (Salads can be made at Bliss or at home.)  Post a pic of your salad w/ the hashtag #BlissSaladChallenge and each week in Sept. we’ll pick a post to win prizes from Bliss & Vinegar!


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