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Improve Decision-Making Skills

January 6, 2018 • By Chou Xiong

“My decision-making skills closely resemble that of a squirrel crossing the street!”  – Unknown
How do you make a decision? From the second you wake everyday you’re faced with making one decision after the next. It’s no wonder that by 1 p.m. our decision-making capabilities may be spent. For years I struggled with that exact predicament. (I discovered last week while babysitting my 3-year-old…

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Make it YOUR Year!

January 6, 2017 • By Chou Xiong

“Today I no longer need to change the world around me, I just need to change the way I see it.”
I love the new year for the fact that it’s a metaphorical reset button. It provides a promise of hope that this could be the year to finally do that thing or make that change – whatever it may be.

Recently, I was reminded of an article that I…

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Tips to Increase Self-Discipline

November 6, 2016 • By Chou Xiong

“Discipline is remembering what you want.”
– David Campbell
I’m trying to stay strong. For the past four days I’ve had 10 lbs. of Halloween candy practically taunt me! How is it some people have amazing self-discipline while others have none at all?

I admit that I struggle. I’m much better than my younger self but still have a long way to go. And I believe when…

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Bliss Salad Challenge!

September 6, 2016 • By Chou Xiong

If you’d like to eat healthier and want some inspiration –  join us for our Bliss 21 Salads Challenge!

This time of year always makes me eager for change. With Labor Day now behind us and a new fall schedule in place (the kids are back in school – hallelujah!) I’m ready to get my health back on track.

Our focus here is healthy eating. With the help of Live…

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#1 Factor in Staying Motivated Is…

January 17, 2016 • By Chou Xiong

How to Stay Motivated…
January can be tricky.  Many of us start the month with such hope and determination. “This is going to be my BEST year ever!”  Then a couple weeks in, life happens and before we know it we’re back to our old ways.  But wait – don’t give up!

If you are one of those individuals that always accomplish your every goal – congrats!  (How do you…

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Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI)

Get Directions


  • “Everything was extremely fresh and delicious!  I tried the Michigan Cobb and the chicken was served warm on the salad which I loved – and the cherries made it perfect!”


  • “Unique and creative combinations.  So good!  I travel a lot and am familiar with the concept but I was so pleasantly surprised to see different, interesting combinations and ingredients.  I’ll definitely be back!”

  • “Your Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili was awesome.  I loved it!  Great mix of spicy and sweet.”

  • “Great quality and variety… ingredients you don’t normally see in most restaurants!”

  • “Everything was delish!  The Gaucho wrap was terrific – the chimichurri vinaigrette really knocks it out of the park!  I could eat this every day!”

  • “Really love how you cut the salad into bite-sized pieces.  And I was not a fan of Kale but tried yours and really enjoyed it.  Wow, I’m now a believer of Kale!”

  • “Your staff was very helpful and suggested the Vegan Bliss salad… I’m not a vegan but I LOVED that salad.  Thanks!”

  • “My favorite custom salad in Grand Rapids. I love that you chop and toss every salad with the best choices of ingredients I have ever seen.” 

  • “A-mazing. Delicious, fresh, good for you, and pretty reasonably priced too considering that all the ingredients are super high quality (often local and organic).  New favorite lunch spot.” 

  • “The steak gaucho wrap was one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted!!!  The ingredients were fresh & made to order. Besides that, the staff was super friendly & helpful.  The adorable atmosphere was an added bonus!”