What’s Holding You Back?

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July 22, 2016 • By Chou Xiong

What’s Holding You Back from Being Your Best?
By Angela Korte

Finally! At the age of 40, I am feeling better, brighter, sexier and stronger than ever before in my life! Really! Why, at an age that to my younger self seemed “old” and everyone warns is when “it all goes downhill” do I feel like I am in my prime?

I owe it all to my growing knowledge and understanding of how a good, solid nutrition plan can enhance every aspect of my life. An athlete since the age of 6, I have always been passionate about health and fitness and made them top priorities in my life. It’s only been in the last few years that I came to appreciate and acknowledge how nutrition can truly make all the difference in the world. Often, other women ask me for advice and I am always excited offer it (though I can’t claim to be an expert, or certified – yet). Why wouldn’t I want another woman to feel as good as I do? What happens next,though, depends on their response.

Some women are encouraged to hear that making many small changes to their lifestyle can give them the results they are looking for – a leaner body, weight loss, just feeling better, having more energy, regaining their body confidence or becoming a good role model for their family. These women jump right in, ready for change. And, it’s fun to see them start to experience results.

The truth is, most women listen for a minute or two then proceed to recite a list of excuses and reasons why they “could never do that” or cite a host of other “quick-fix” remedies they are considering. Clearly what I’ve suggested are not lifestyle changes they are ready or willing to make. Inevitably, days, weeks and even months later, I see them still stuck in the same place and struggling with the same challenges.

Why, I wondered for a long time, would someone ask for help, and not accept it? Finally, I’ve come to realize that these women are infected with one of these three syndromes….

Most women inherently feel guilty putting themselves first. We are conditioned to take care of everyone else – the kids, the job, our spouse or partner, the house, the pets, the parents, our friends. Never are we taught the obvious lesson that if we are not taking care of our own health (mind, body and spirit), we have nothing left to give.

If this is you, know that the only person who can grant you permission to make yourself a priority and put your goals at the top of your list is {{drumroll, please}} YOU! And, until that truly happens, you will never be ready to make the changes you so desire.

Other women are just stuck. First, they’ve got a mental playlist of excuses, self-limiting beliefs and reasons “I can’t”. Second, they are receiving thousands of messages from the media and “friends” about nutrition, fitness, and what it really means to live a healthy lifestyle. These messages often contradict each other to the point that doing nothing seems better than doing something.

If this is you, I want to lovingly tell you, even beg you, to “get out of your own way!” Stop analyzing, stop doubting, stop searching, stop thinking about it and start doing something about it. You don’t need approval from your neighbor, your brother, the afternoon talk-show host, your best friend, your college roommate, your Mom or the woman who sits next to you at work. Just find someone you trust, who has achieved the things you want to achieve and follow their advice. Commit to the process, understand that it will require YOU to be consistent and persistent and that the results will come.

And, finally, other women are paralyzed by the planning process. They are getting ready to get ready to get started. They want to make sure everything is perfect and the timing is just right – erroneously believing that doing so will guarantee success.

If this is you, know that the only thing that will guarantee your success is getting started! NOW is the right time. No matter what your goal, you can get started this very minute. Have a glass of water instead of soda, make an appointment with yourself to exercise, purge the junk food from your pantry, take the stairs, prepare a healthy meal {{or let Bliss and Vinegar make one for you}}. Just do it! You’ll learn as you go, improve your methods and start seeing results.

Yes, there are things all of us women can look forward to as we get older. I refuse to believe false messaging about “aging.” Instead I commit to “growing healthy” instead of “growing old”, I am committed to being an active participant in my own health and nutrition and I wish that for you too. Identify your syndrome and commit to make just one small change today – it already is the “perfect time”.

Be Your Best,
Angela Korte

About the Author:  Angela Korte is a lifelong athlete, fitness enthusiast AngelaKorteand an overall busy woman just like all of us. She has recently discovered Bliss and Vinegar’s “delicious food that makes you feel good.” Incorporating Isagenix as the foundation of her clean eating approach to nutrition she is excited to share her tips and “secrets” with women who want to regain their body confidence and take control of their health and fitness once and for all.  CONTACT: akortegr@gmail.comFacebook.com/Korte.Angela and @angela_korte

Posted in Healthy Habits
July 22, 2016 • By Chou Xiong


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